Pixel is a web-based market analysis platform for personal residential and flood insurance.

Discover Milliman Pixel®

Pixel incorporates Milliman Market Baskets, geospatial information, subject matter expertise and advanced analytics for competitive analysis to help support pricing and profitability decisions, as well as sales and marketing strategies.


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Support accurate and competitively priced rate level and rating factor selections.


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Identify segments of potential adverse selection, considering both profitability and competitiveness.


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Discover market segments with significant competitive advantage.


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Identify areas of opportunity for agents, and design efficient and effective sales strategies.

New markets

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Test proposed rates for new markets/products before implementation.

Benefits of the solution

  • Make informed decisions

    Pixel allows multiple sources of competitor premiums and losses rather than tying company to a single vendor. Milliman has relationships with best in class vendors, and can facilitate licensing, data preparation and generation of competitor premiums. It includes flood premiums for major voluntary writers plus NFIP. You can also incorporate Milliman Market baskets and company-specific data such as quotes for in-depth understanding.

  • Know the right path

    Rapidly understand your rating position and make informed decisions using powerful visualizations and analytics. Pixel provides credible information for decision making purposes, while Milliman’s domain flood expertise provides unique metrics and variables to more precisely understand why premiums are competitive or profitable.

  • Get results

    Pixel provides actionable output for sales and marketing strategy including agency level detail and custom marketing territories, allowing sales reps to focus on their core business. Iterative thinking built into the software enables the development of your unique competitive niche.

  • Leverage best-in-class technology

    Pixel employs a powerful calculation engine, optimized for speed and configured to give you the power of the most advanced tools, with no code to learn or technology to maintain.

  • Encourage teamwork

    A unified, cloud-delivered platform enables actuaries, product managers, marketing, and other departments across the organization to work together to arrive at the best results for your business needs.

Key Features

  • Rapid results and ROI

    Decision makers at all levels will find Pixel intuitive and easy to use, enabling them to immediately begin working with data and generating credible results. This leads to faster pricing and lower time to market for enhanced competitive advantage.

  • Share results for better decisions

    Data sets, charts, and maps can be printed or exported to other software for presentation or further analysis. Whether it’s communicating with the board of directors, customers, or reinsurers, Pixel ensures you have the information to back up your decisions.

  • Geospatial analytics built in

    Geographic tools enable you to quickly identify spatial patterns, with latitude/longitude detail and associated variables for granular analysis of factors that drive risk.

  • Have the latest tools, always

    The software includes regular updates as well as training to ensure users can get the most out of it. Additional Milliman professional services are available in the areas of ratemaking, sales and marketing, regulatory support and market feasibility.

Milliman Pixel

Advanced analytics for a competitive advantage

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